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Global Transformation Service

Small captive server rooms of an enterprise are not resilient enough to deliver the uptimes desired by CIOs for their internal as well as external IT applications.

  • Scalability versus capex control is a major challenge
  • Dedicated appliances and redundancy leads to poor utilization and increased costs - Capex as well as Opex.
  • Retaining skill-sets and keeping them abreast with the latest technologies is a major people-HR challenge for even large organizations.
  • Complexities of operations make sustenance much more difficult than building captive Data Center / Server rooms.
  • Last mile connectivity to service provider network is always a vulnerable point of failure.
  • CIOs unable to give Service Level Agreement (SLA) for end-to-end application availability to internal customers.
  • Why Corportes should outsource their Data Center to a Service Provider ?
  • Single window to the customer for all hosting needs and to move up the value chain.
  • Large Enterprises look for predictable cost models for hosting and managing IT services
  • Small and Medium are looking for shared out-of the-box services for reducing the Capital expenses and Operational expenses.
  • Higher uptimes for applications made possible by building redundancy at the infrastructure level.

We had its own captive Data Center since the last couple of years which was available for very high priority customer on their need basis only. Now we have decided to open our complete suite of Data Center Services for all types of customers.