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Toll Free Numbers

Toll Free Numbers Providers in Bangalore: 9108789767. . tool free number, toll free number service providers in bangalore, toll free number service providers in india, toll free service providers in india.

. Toll Free services provide your potential customers with a 'free' and convenient way to contact your business. It is proven that the potential customers tend to call Toll free number than any other number & it gives you a great business advantage over competition. This number can be accessed all over India from every fixed line and mobile subscribers of any service provider in India..

. Toll Free Features

Follow me: Choose a Toll Free number to which all calls will be routed. If your potential customer calls from a different city their call will land on the same pre-defined number.

Vanity numbering series: Get a Toll Free number series which is easy to remember and aids your brand recall.

Percentage quota call distribution: Distribute the calls, by a certain percentage, made to the Toll Free number, depending on the total capacity your call center.

Time dependent routing: Route the calls on the basis of time, day, week or year to a different location as it suits your requirement.

Multi-location call distribution: Route the calls to multiple locations based on your business needs

Value Added Services (Optional)

* Voice mail
* Call statistics
* Call forwarding
* Automatic disaster routing
How it benefits you
* Reliable and extensive pan-India coverage
* Track responses to your marketing efforts in a cost- effective manner
* Extend privilege customer service 24 x 7 and improve your brand image